I've set this homepage up as a central hub for links to my various blogs and websites. My "say whatever is on my mind" blog is called NVNC ID VIDES, NVNC NE VIDES (the blog title is motto of the Unseen University at Ankh Morepork on Discworld, created by Terry Pratchett, translated to: "Now you see it, now you don't").

Next up is my beading blog, Dawno's Beaded Badge Lanyards & Jewelry. This is where I talk about works in progress, show pictures of completed works, blog about crafts fairs and conventions where I show my work (and hope to sell it). As I grow more experienced in my craft, I may do tutorials or try some other way to give back something to the online crafters who are so generous in sharing tips and techniques and resources.

The third link is to what I hope will be a storefront site for the sale of my beaded work. Right now it's where you can read the story of how I got started beading, and what I think is distinctive about my approach. There are links to my Etsy shop where some of my pieces are for sale.

The fourth link is my Live Journal. Many of the posts there are for 'friends' only. If you are a Live Journal user and want to get on my friends list, please friend me and I'll do the same for you. Both my NVNC blog and my beading blog have Live Journal syndication feeds, so you can read them on your LJ friends page if you want.

The fifth link is to a page with a variety of ways one can contribute to the Absolute Write forum (see "About Dawno" for the link to the Absolute Write forum).

The sixth link is to information on a cause near and dear to me. As a nearly life-long fan of the written word, I have a great respect for writers. A number of established professional writers, as well as yet unpublished writers, fans, and bloggers, are dedicated to helping new writers avoid costly mistakes when it comes to choosing the agents and publishers to whom they entrust their words. During my "residence" on the Absolute Write forums, I've gotten to know quite a few of these author advocates. In September of 2007, over a dozen author advocates were sued for their efforts to help new authors. The Author Advocate Legal Defense Fund was set up to take donations to help defray their legal costs.

Links seven and eight are my Twitter and Flickr pages. My Flickr pages have more pictures of my beading projects, a few pictures of my son, and I think, one or two pictures of my cats.

About Dawno

I'm an empty nest mom, reader, beader, blogger and forum moderator. I hang out online at Absolute Write, where I co-moderate the Blogging Forum and the Politics and Current Events Forum. I also hang out at (Not) Written in Stone where I don't have to moderate.